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The Boat

The cruise boat offers high-end services (all cabins are equipped with air conditioning and a private bathroom) and has many spacious common areas, which makes it a very friendly boat and perfectly suited for small groups or families with children.

The Jakaré has a large Solarium (upper deck), a rest area (rear deck), a dedicated diving area (front deck), a Yoga area, a dining room, a relaxation area with comfortable bean bags (ideal for reading time) and even a private deck at the back conveniently facilitating bathing directly from the boat.

The common area on the main deck aft comprises a large shaded and naturally ventilated dining area with a lounge. With its 360° vue on the surroundings, it is the ideal location for quiet moment / naps between activities.

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The Jakaré operates as a fully-fledged dive center, with equipment and expert staff, offering you  an exclusive experience. Our entire team, led by our Dive Instructor, will be at your service to ensure you can enjoy the most beautiful diving spots of Indonesia in complete safety. The concept of the Jakaré is to provide our guests with maximum freedom. Therefore, the dives can be organized and tailored to your level and desires. Our dive cruises typically include three dives per day, sometimes including night dives, which are organized based on guest preferences and available opportunities. We particularly favor early morning dives, even before breakfast. Of course, the schedules may vary depending on tides and weather conditions.




Step aboard the Jakare, an adventure haven where kayaks and stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) await your exploration. Embark on a self-guided odyssey, gliding across tranquil turquoise waters, surrounded by the mesmerizing fusion of aquatic vistas and shoreline charm.

This experience is more than visual delight; it’s a physical immersion that enhances your journey holistically. Engage your body and senses as you paddle, forging a harmonious connection with the environment. The rhythmic dance of your movements becomes a meditation in motion, enriching your experience on a profound level.

Beyond aesthetics, this journey offers an opportunity for rejuvenation and introspection. Welcome to the Jakare, where the allure of nature and active engagement combine to create an unforgettable escapade. Explore our fleet of kayaks and SUPs, and revel in an expedition that will resonate long after it concludes, inviting others to embrace this transformative adventure.


I did the liveaboard in Raja Ampat (south & central) and I loved all about it! Great diving, the most beautiful corals I’ve ever seen, lot’s of different fishes like an aquarium, nice makro and my highlights the mantas! Then also very beautiful nature with stunning view points, a really nice luxury boat with charme, very good food, and an amazing, friendly and helpful crew & cruise director Audrey! It was very well organized and always good mood 🙂 just 200% fantastic!


Fantastic boat
Fantastic dives
Fantastic all the guys
Fantastic Audrey !!!
The best vacation of my life
Thanks a lot 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


What an experience! 12 days sail Raja Ampat was nothing short of an amazing time. Jakare is a beautiful ship and well maintained, setup well for diving. The layout is great and the bedrooms are modern and comfortable. The crew, what a group they have there. Very hard working and friendly crew, from the pilots the chefs, engineers, dive masters, and director. They work ALL day early in the morning to late at night. The meals were incredible, Nasir and Yohanes made some of the best food Ive ever eaten, so much so, I fully believe Nasir should write his own cookbook, which I would happily help publish. Director Audrey is a pleaser, and does a great job ensuring the needs of the customers and crew are met. She has a difficult job, and while the may have been some concerns regarding the selected dive sites with heavy current, she did great in accommodating the guests. The land excursions she arranges are wonderful; swimming with Jelly fish, a beautiful beachside dinner, and nice jungle hikes. Most importantly the diving…mind blown. The selection of dive sites were top tier. Divemasters Jack and Rudy are in a league of their own. As a relatively new diver, I suffered a few underwater panic attacks, and both were immediately attentive in relieving the panic…true professionals. I accidentally dropped my camera on the end of a dive, and Rudy saved the day by going down and finding it. I’ll never forget being double hooked on a reef pinnacle to do a safety stop flying through the current and having other divers on my back. Very cool. I highly recommend Jakare and the crew for your Indonesian dive trip.


One of a lifetime trip with the amazing crew of the jakare. Would love to go back every week-end.


I visited the Jakaré beginning of July 2023 and I still dream of coming back. Audrey and all her local team make you feel like home on this beautiful small boutique hotel boat.

Audrey explains each dive so we know perfectly what to do (or not!) and hop we go discover the Indonesian Archipelago! The diving is wildly incredible and very safe!

The food is incredible and my belly can still attest (I took a few KG onboard!) but what I liked the most is the coffee machine onboard and Audrey’s enthousiasme of offering you a coffee of your choice (cappucino for me!) every minute of the day!

If you search for a small liveaboard that caters to divers and non-divers alike, where you feel like family and 100% safe, search no longer. They have you cover!

Looking forward to my next visit! Sending love and hugs to everyone onboard


Recommended at 200%! Beautiful boat with max 10-12 guests, so the cruise is quite intimate and that allows tailoring the schedule based on wishes, how it goes on the boat and how busy a dive site is.

Huge shout out to the crew which was fantastic from the beginning to the end: welcoming us, cooking delicious food (I love the Indonesian cuisine :)), making sure we had everything at hand, cracking a few jokes on the way and guiding us during amazing dives! They are also very conscious about their impact on the environment, which we value a lot and which did not look obvious to all liveaboards.

Once on land, we could only think about going back 🙂


The absolute most amazing experience! We sailed around the Banda Islands for about a week. We had 3 dives per day very well thought out and scheduled. The dive masters were well informed and, thanks to their efficient strategies, we got to see amazing creatures, endless bright colored fish and schools of 20-50 hammerheads…. More than three times!!

The cruise director, Audrey, was amazing with us. She made this an extraordinary experience. She was organized, knowledgeable, accommodating and had a super good vibe.

The boat itself was gorgeous and the crew was top notch (a.k.a. a looot of pampering). The food was exquisite -an opinion shared by even the most demanding foodies on board. The baked goods made by Satria, the cook, will live forever in my heart.

Overall, excellent price-to-quality ratio. And good for group, couple and solo trips. Absolutely recommended!


Une expérience unique vécue en couple, à la hauteur des avis déjà partagés sur le site. La compagnie de 8 plongeurs confirmés a été plus qu’agréable pour nous simples “snorkeleurs”. A aucun moment nous n’avons eu l impression d’être défavorisés. Les quelques spots moins intéressants en snorkeling se situent dans des lagons somptueux ou à proximité de villages ou plages atteignables en quelques coups de pagaie en kayak. Si cette cohabitation vous inquiète légitimement, ne choisissez pas un autre bateau, son équipement et son équipage vous combleront à coup sûr vous n’aurez aucune frustration. Tout ceci est possible grâce à l ultra implication d’ Audrey si jeune et déjà si expérimentée qui force l’admiration des soixantenaires que nous sommes tant ses multicompétences ( plongée, sécurité, connaissance des milieux naturels explorés, maitrise des langues, organisation, adaptativité, ….) et son relationnel ( transparence, écoute, dynamisme et joie communicative) contribuent à notre bien être. Permettre d’accéder au Paradis sur terre en même temps, à des Français, des Catalans, des Britanniques trentenaires ou soixantenaires n’est pas aisé et pourtant sur ce bateau ce rêve est devenu réalité. Son confort , la qualité des équipements mis à disposition, la passion , le professionnalisme et la gentillesse de l’équipage tous postes confondus aident Audrey dans sa mission encore faut il maintenir tout ceci sur la durée et là c’est la confiance méritée du propriétaire et de l’équipage qui font et feront la différence.


We have just spent the most amazing twelve days exploring the incredible Raja Ampat in Indonesia by kayak, snorkelling and trekking on the superb yacht Jakare.

The kayaking was certainly next level, so much meandering through the most exquisite landscapes, hidden lagoons, intriguing islands, and beaches that just asked to be swum at, wildlife, fauna, the feeling of being remote and all superbly guided by the unflappable guide Frank who judged the group well and was generous with his advice.

What was unexpected was the suburb snorkelling, side trips exploring some of the islands including the jellyfish lake and the level of care, hospitality, luxury and enthusiasm of the crew of the live aboard Jakare.

The food was exceptional especially considering the remoteness of our location.

I have not experienced this level of travel before that they provided for us, with every member of the crew doing an exceptional job all driven by the powerhouse of the cruise director Audrey whose enthusiasm and attention to detail was second to none.


Amazing experience !

Extraordinary adventure in Komodo in july. Wonderful dive sites, delicious food and excellent service from all the crew. Life on the boat is comfy, cosy and friendly. We miss it already !


I recently had the pleasure of joining the liveaboard Jakaré for a 12-day diving trip in Triton Bay and Misool, and I cannot recommend this vessel and its crew enough! From start to finish, it was an incredible journey that wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise and dedication of the crew.

Audrey, our cruise director and dive guide, was absolutely amazing. She took care of the guests and the crew with such professionalism and kindness that it made the trip all the more enjoyable. Her years of experience in the region meant that we were able to dive in some of the most incredible locations and see the most amazing marine life. Her passion for diving and the ocean was contagious, and it was clear that she wanted nothing more than for us to have the best possible experience.

Chef Satria was another standout member of the crew, and I have to admit that I am dreading the scale at home 🙈! Every meal was an absolute delight, with fresh and delicious food that catered to everyone’s dietary needs. The chefs attention to detail and presentation made every meal feel like a special occasion, and we were always eagerly anticipating the next culinary masterpiece.

Not to forget the rest of the incredible members of the crew. Always kind and helpful, making sure that we had everything we needed to make our trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Overall, I cannot recommend the liveaboard Jakaré and its crew enough. If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable diving trip in Indonesia, you simply must book with them. Thank you, Audrey, Satria, Yohanes, Sam, and the rest of the Jakaré crew, for an incredible journey that I will never forget!


By far my best liveaboard experience on the Jakare in late February 2022… Audrey is an incredible host and was always so enthusiastic during the dive briefings and throughout the trip. We experienced some incredible diving covering the best of Central and South Raja Ampat over nine days. Great crew, great boat, great company and an unforgettable trip. Eat, sleep, dive, repeat… can’t wait to get back there!!!


I recently joined Jakare Liveaboard on a twelve day expedition trip to Alor!

Cabins were very spacious and comfortable with clean bathrooms and hot showers. AC available and the fans and charging stations were powered by solar panels! There were lots of comfortable beanbags, lounge area and sun mattresses available for relaxing and reading between dives. There are even kayaks and a SUP board available. The crew was very friendly, professional and always setting up your dive gear when wanted. Rental dive equipment was of high quality.

Also very safety conscious, from boat- and dive briefings to itinerary planning and the actual dives. Diving groups matched diver’s experience levels and dive guides were very knowledgeable.

The food was a great mix between local and western and the chef was always happy to provide special requests. Eye for detail and beautifully presented.

Special shout to the Cruise Director Audrey. Very helpful in answering questions, great energy, very well organised, safety conscious and passionate about environmentally friendly diving practices.

Overall, five star review. I had a truly beautiful experience with Jakare family!

Hope to take another trip soon!


Great experience. I’ve done many liveaboards around the world and Jakaré was the best one. The crew was super nice, the chef and the food was super yummy and the cruise director, Audrey, made everything possible for us to be a trip impossible to forget. And.. of course the hammerheads! Won’t hesitate to recommend


Absolutely sensational experience. This was my first Liveaboard and it has got me hooked. We spent 10 days in the Ambon Sea and Spice Islands and we had the most amazing dives. The boat is extremely comfortable and luxurious, the crew were so helpful and kind, and Audrey made us feel right at home. We were so sad to leave at the end, 10 days went by so quickly. We’ll be back for some more adventures!


Unbelievable experience. I didn’t really know what to expect as this was my first liveaboard but Jakare completely blew me away. The whole crew were amazing, like a family – and Audrey is the perfect host in every way. The diving was some of the best I’ve ever done, the food AMAZING (the chef is wonderful and spoiled us every day on board!), the boat is perfect… I couldn’t have had a better liveaboard experience. Can not recommend Jakare enough


Makasih, the boat where your dream become  reality!
Terima Makasih from the bottom of our heart to all the Jakare family.


Amazing experience ! Jakare liveboat is incredible, new, comfortable and well decorated. The crew was so kind and available all the time, yummy food, all the diving equipment was new.. . What to say… it was the trip of a lifetime… we love it!


Simplement parfait. 10j de plongée, de rire de plaisir, dans le confort du bateau. Le crew est absolument parfait, un service aussi qualitatif que souriant.

un trip unique, à très bientôt


First Class Cruise in June around Komodo and Padar islands. Boat is newly constructed with all modern comforts giving an instant feeling of home.

Practicing yoga, daily gourmet meals, snorkeling, diving, hiking Padar, seeing the Komodo Dragons, Kalong Island Flying Foxes (Huge Bats) and just relaxing on in the large salon or up on the upper deck looking at the islands passing. The waters around these islands contain magic…Giant Purple clams, Manta Rays and every kind of tropical fish imaginable were just outside our doorstep.

The staff was attentive, but almost invisible, except for meals and during excursions as the boat is multi-level and large enough to have privacy when you want. Owner Maya and Cruise Master, Dylan are outstanding hosts and you will instantly make life long friends.. I miss them already…

The boat was very stable and we always felt incredibly safe on the boat and around the friendly crew.. Don’t underestimate the value of being on board and being at your destination to dive or snorkel each day. We saw others who chose to take day trips from Labuan Bajo. We saw much more of the islands, reefs and special places than anyone could versus day trips.

We all had such a good time together, we’ve all kept in touch after our trip and are planning a 2020 trip together again in Raja Ampat…. Thanks Maya and Dylan for making us feel like part of the Jakare’ family..


The perfect boat for a dive cruise in Raja Ampat. Jakare has a lot of room and above all a great crew taking care of her. Shall be back again one day hopefully to charter her fully with a group of divers.


Special thanks to Nico, Black Orca and black coral, the trip would not have been the same without you! Long live the sharks, the mantas, the crocodile fish, the Fire Gobis, the juvenile Box fish, the Peacock Mantis and all the others.


We’d been waiting for this trip for 3 years, heard a LOT about Raja Ampat, been in a couple of other “first class” dive spots in Indonesia (think Komodo, Wakatobi…) in the meantime, and were NOT disappointed! Amazing diving and snorkeling, with extensive coral gardens bursting with life – from pigmy seahorses to bumphead parrotfishes, mantas and reef sharks. The gorgeous terrestrial landscapes came as an unexpected bonus that made the trip definitively unforgettable. The boat is very comfy, with lot of space to chill out between dives, and the crew is great, very professional and friendly. Last, but not least: we saw virtually NOBODY else for most of the trip. Raja is one of those few last pristine places. Pack your things and go live this one in a lifetime experience!


Thank you for a lovely liveaboard cruise and your warm hospitablity. The mark of a successful sailing is when the guest does not want to leave or is thinking of the next sailing. I am already planning when to do so with my family.I hope to see every friendly face again…

Alicia, Singapore

Magnificent voyage aboard JAKARE!! Unforgettable. The food was unbelievable and the team took very good care of us and our kids. We visited some fantastic dive sites and the team – Francois worked hard to bring the non-divers to great snorkel places as well. We had a brilliant time and the boat exceeded all our expectations. Thank you so much. Eli, Dawn and Brian


The first word that comes to mind is “wow”. This trip has been amazing. The komodo islands are beautiful and we have had the opportunity to see breath taking marine life : fish, coral, turtles, rays and sharks. But what made this trip so special is the Jakare boat and its crew. The Jakare is spacious, confortable and the crew polite, attentive, and great with children. They played songs and entertained the children and the children had a great time. The meals were delicious, varied and copious. As inexperenced divers we were taken to stunning dive spots fully adapted to our lever and great care was taken to make sure we were safe and confortable during the dive.


Thank you for having as living on board, These past five days has been an unforgettable experience for all of us.
We enjoyed all the time we spent on the boat and under the sea.
Our sincere appreciation to all the staff:
Adi, Aldus, Dadang, Dedi, Jack, Sam, Satria, , Teddi, Thalib, Yayat and Francois for the warns hospitality
We hope to see you all soon!


Thank you, for makin our dream come true
Jakare  is beautiful, for the ship, But mostly for the people
You guys are adventusers, showing us that fairy tailes are true.

Lots of love

Bitte & Tamay

This is not a goodbye, this is a thank you!
Thank you for Sixth day amazing trip, thank you for everything.
We hope our memories of the ocean and this trip will linger on, long after our footprint one the sand are gone. God bless you Jakaré.

Mais quel TRiP!! Merci encone Audrey, deddy, Jack, Sam et les autres!
st aya, serest, Satria, Ady, salit and badang
Cette croisière restera à jamais graver dans nos mémoires. Merci Audrey pour ta disponibilité, ton dynamisme et la joie de vivre



For your constant smile, thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for keeping me safe.
Thank you for dancing with me in absolute paradise.
Thank you for the amazing food and taking me to the best diving spots
Thank you for sharing one of the best  week of my life . Love you all

La Colombiana

Dear All Jakare’s team…

That o for all the god times and memories!
It’s such a great diving  trip in Togan.
I really ejoyed the food, all the friendly crew, the expirenced dive master for handling all of us

Hope to sail with you again soon …
Stay healthy & happy


After 3 years, I had this chance to come back to that amazing dive paradise and I feel so happy to be onboard of Jakare.

Thank you very much to the whole crew for that unforgettable experience, for the kindness and  professionalism
I will come back again


If this cruise were a movie, it will be deserved by the Oscar for the best views, the best sounds best crew, best dive, best meals, and best cruise director. Also a big thank you to the family we met during the trip. See you in Raja Ampat


Après un long voyage, l’accueil par le staff de Jakaré est au top ! Pro, chaleureux et discret.

Le bateau, de construction traditionnelle très récente est convivial avec un salon/salle à manger extérieur à l’arrière qui en jette, tout en tek et bois de fer : solide et charmant à la fois.

Ma cabine double est spacieuse et confortable. La déco est simple mais agréable. Aucun soucis de propreté et l’espace salle de bains/toilettes est situé à part.

Les temps de navigation ne sont jamais très longs.

A l’avant, le matériel plongée est stocké dans des caisses individuelles très pratiques avec suffisamment de place pour s’équiper et des bacs de rinçage séparés. A aucun moment on ne porte son équipement, y compris son matériel photo si on le désire. Confort et sécurité.

Les deux annexes nous permettent de nous rendre sur les divers sites d’immersion, jamais bien loin de notre bateau.

Les plongées sont riches en faune et en couleurs : requins divers (gris, pointes noires, pointes blanches ou tapis ), barracudas, raies mantas et pastenagues, tortues plus toute la petite faune de la région (nudibranches, crevettes, hippocampes pygmées). Un régal pour les plongeurs, photographes ou non.

Les vues terrestres, en particulier dans les archipels de Wayag et Wofoh sont à couper le souffle. Les non plongeurs ne sont donc pas en reste de découvertes.

Au final, la Papouasie est une destination encore rare à découvrir…


We had a wonderful holiday on the Jakaré with our 3 children and a group of friends.

The boat was very comfortable and the cabins were spacious. The communal areas also provided the opportunity to eat with friends or to relax and discuss the amazing sights discovered during the day. The crew have found the perfect balance of being very friendly and helpful yet discreet, and they are great with children. The food served was delicious and varied and even my children, who tend to be picky eaters, finished their plates.

Our trip was around the Komodo Islands. We saw beautiful beaches and sunsets and we were lucky enough to see turtles, rays and sharks on top of the many colorful fish. I also had the opportunity to dive during my stay and although I have little experience I felt in full security and the dive master took us to beautiful spots fully adapted to my level of experience.

All in all we had a fabulous stay, the children are still talking about their holiday, several times a week, and the trip was three months ago!


Dear Jakaré, Thank you so much for such a wonderful week. You all took good care of us and made the trip friendly and fun onboard. Jakare is a beautiful boat and each day was a pleasure with delicious views, tasty food and comfortable chilling. The diving and snorkelling were amazing and we aware lucky to see so much.Nico and Dylan, a special thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness and for making the week so fun.It’s been our best family holidays.Thank you


Dear Jakaré team,

Thanks a lot for your hospitality. Full services at the top !

Thanks Mansuar for your patience and availability. Thanks David for the management of all the Crew ! Long life to Jakaré


Jakaré, thank you so much for a one-of-a-kind trip! We had a wonderful time aboard, exploring Raja Ampat, Trekking to Lagoons and bird watching sites, snorkeling and kayaking and eaten excellent meals. The advanced divers described the dives so vividly, I could picture seeing the sharks, Manta Rays and turtles myself ? You have an excellent crew, who are great with kids, which helps make this an unforgettable experience!!


The “Manta Team” was created this week, we had an amazing week on board the JAKARE. After this trip, not sure what will beat this! Crew for Diving, for cooking and the services was excellent. Everything was spot on and the dive sites were absolutely stunning! I would love to do it again on this boat!!! Cheers



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