Light on what Jakaré is doing to further protect our planet

The Jakaré team is happy to present… Not only one, but two solar panels freshly added aboard during our beauty’s docking. A dream come true, as we have been trying hard to reduce our footprint on Earth for the past years! We already had four solar panels, connected to our batteries, and providing energy for most of our daily needs. That allowed us to run most of the daily tasks not using any gensets.

Our first four solar panels.

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine… Wandering around Indonesia’s mystical waters, with all machines turned off, just you (and us!), the sounds of nature, birds, waves, breeze… Better for the planet, and contributing to make the most out of your time with us. What more than a special moment connecting to nature could you ask for?

As children, we were always inspired by those youngsters that could make anything out of old cans: radios, animals, cars, wallets… So, we thought… Why not get OUR cans to be their next piece of art? We started collecting and crashing them (optimising the space on board in the meantime) so that we can provide the harbour kids with materials for their amazing work (and give a second life to our wastes!).

Adding two more panels will now make our vessel almost fully self-sufficient in electricity. We will increase our power from 1000 to 1800 watts, it will allow us to fill our batteries with a more efficient manner and of course, way more ecological. Indeed, although our dear gensets are very practical and useful, they also are pollutant and a bit noisy.

New solar panels configuration.

New crash can onboard.

The Jakaré, her crew, her guests, her cruise director, are working hard every day to reduce their footprint. Not only the carbon one, with finding new ways of providing energy onboard, but also the plastic one. As many of you already know, plastic has become a major problem when speaking about the environment… We feel like not fighting a problem makes us a part of it, and we therefore attach a strong importance in leaving the beaches cleaner than we found them. Our guests and crew have now been taking part in beach clean-ups wherever we can on our stopovers for the past few years. Shall we want our next trips, and the one from our kids, to be as amazing as we can experience them now, it is of our duty to take care of our surroundings. And that starts with cleaning up the beaches!

Plastic is everywhere and comes in all sorts of shapes: plastic bottles, plastic wraps, single-use plastic, plastic straws, micro-plastic… We think that if many little people do many little things, together we can change the face of the world. And it starts with us removing from our seas and lands whatever does not belong there! We swear we once heard the ocean whisper a thank you…


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