Discover the stunning underwater scenery through snorkeling at Togean Archipelago with Jakare yacht.

New Destination: Togean Archipelago, North Sulawesi


We currently prepare with our partner who knows the region very well, a diving and discovery cruise in the Togian Archipelago, located in the middle of Tomini bay in North Sulawesi.

Sharing a meal, sharing stories on board Jakare LiveaboardThe Togean Archipelago

This bay is reputed to be the quietest bay in the world, offering a tropical paradise, hundreds of small islands with pristine beaches, away from mass destinations and offering diving and snorkeling spots among the most beautiful in Indonesia. The most well-known sites, whose reputation is well established, are located around the volcano island UNA UNA.

Sea Fan, Una Una


A very promising diving / exploratory trip was organized in early June 2019 and we plan to open our first cruises in May-June 2020 with dates that will appear very soon on our on-line calendar.

Superbe plongée type mur, Togean


It will be a 9-day format with a 6-day cruise aboard the Jakaré and a stay in a dive centre on the island of Kadidiri.

Giant sponges – Togean

Arrival and departure from Gorontalo or Ampana depending on the dates. A Cruise for divers and non-divers of course with activities such as trekking, kayaking and Stand Up Paddles, exploring Bajo villages and more.

Walk on the Islands, Togean

Divers will be able to enjoy exceptional sites (including around the Una Una Volcano) that compete seamlessly with other prestigious Indonesian destinations such as Komodo or Raja Ampat. With our partner and tailor-made travel specialist Mandara, we craft an authentic program off the beaten track, a unique experience more than just a trip!

Sponges and Corals, Togean

We care about the food we propose and believe in continuous improvement. Menus shall please the broad tastes of our Guest and shall be healthy.They shall be adapted and optimised for each cruise based on the wishes of our Client.Our Team buys all the fresh vegetables, fruits, fishes with special attention at the local markets one day before the arrival of the guests. We don’t serve ready-made or canned food!

Ayurveda is science of life. Its approach to health is through food; tune the food per individual body constitutional need, good health will be achieved and maintained. An ayurvedic diet makes generous use of a full spectrum of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes and milk. It plays with herbs and spices the way a painter would with the colors and her/his pallets. Food and digestion are very important to Ayurveda. Foods which are fresh, light, easy to digest and tasty are very essential to daily life.

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