New: Nitrox on board

La fin des travaux et le départ de Tanahberu

NITROX = NITRogen + OXygen.

It’s an oxygen enriched air mixture with oxygen content above 21%.

Reducing the proportion of nitrogen by increasing the proportion of oxygen reduces the risk of decompression sickness for the same dive profile. Hence the Nitrox diving is safer (less decompression sickness) and tend to reduce the post-dive fatigues.

The specific Nitrox Equipment is differentiated to the normal air diving equipment with its specific yellow and green colours.

Diving Nitrox is proposed worldwide and a lot of diving organisation propose specific Nitrox training.

The gas mixture oxygen content will be between 22% and 40% and typically a Nitrox 36 means that the oxygen content is 36%.

Pros of the Nitrox diving:

– For similar bottom time, non-decompression time is longer

– Decompression stops shorter (for same dive time)

– Surface intervals shorter

– So more dives and less decompression stops

– With less fatigue after dive

– Shorter safety interval before flying

– Courses start at Open Water level or level 1 CMAS and from 16 years old

Cons of the Nitrox diving: 

– Constraints related to the higher 02 content

– Constraints related to the specific equipment

– Filling constraints (people and equipment)

– Requirement for extended diving planning based on dive profil and diver specifics

Nitrox is available on board the Jakare since October 2018, for safer, longer and less tiring diving. Our Nitrox equipment is simple and reliable, it consists of pure O2 tanks and 02 gas analyser (pressure and content).

The proposed Nitrox is called Nitrox EAN meaning that the gas mixture is enriched up to 40%.

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