Sea kayakking in the Raja Ampat archipelago with Jakare liveaboard.

Sea Kayaking In West Papua With Expedition Engineering

Recently we have been lucky to welcome on board ten guests for an Adventure Kayaking Trip in Raja Ampat. Expedition Engineering, our Clients, specializes in designing unique adventure holidays to exotic destinations all over the world (

The specificities of this particular Raja Ampat trip are as follow:

– Raja Ampat is the undisputed centre of marine diversity in the world

– 12 days aboard a 4 star yacht with luxuries of the modern world

– Experience both the southern and central parts of Raja Ampat

Snorkel and dive with 1200 different species of fish

– View 600 species of reef building coral

– Experience the remote setting of Misool Island

– Choose to sea kayak, dive or snorkel on three excursions per day

Unique cultural experiences

Cathedral sized caves

Sharing a meal, sharing stories on board Jakare LiveaboardPaddling in Misool

For this first trip with Expedition Engineering, both parties have joined experience and expertise to the full satisfaction of the clients on board.

The itinerary was adapted to the specificity of the activities and thanks to the knowledge of our Guide Angela from Expedition Engineering, Jakare had been sailing to some very remote and pristine places especially in Misool.

Sharing a meal, sharing stories on board Jakare Liveaboard

Paddling inside the caves

The Experience

An exceptional trip to the heart of the Togean Archipelago, designed for divers and non-divers, combining both a cruise aboard the JAKARE and a stay in a diving resort. The discovery of a remarkable underwater biodiversity combined with the meeting of the Bajos, the nomads of the sea.


– Duration: 13 days / 12 nights

– Budget: starting at 3 350 euros / pers adult including an eco-participation of 150 euros per person.

Jakare is proud to offer Logistic and Liveaboard Services to Expedition Engineering, sharing the same passion for adventure travelling in respect of the People and Environment on which we all depend on.

More trips have been booked by Expedition Engineering in 2020 and 2021.

Long life to our partnership!


In early December 2019, eleven kayakers embarked on the inaugural trip partnership between Jakare and Expedition Engineering. We spent twelve adventure filled days exploring Misool and Central Raja by kayak, snorkel and Scuba. As kayakers, the lagoons, caves, and arch features of the limestone islands offered new views and experiences around every corner. We enjoyed the luxury of the Jakare, our home away from home where we enjoyed comfortable beds, incredible meals, showers, air conditioning, and beautiful sunsets and sunrises from our bean bag perches on the top deck. The crew on the Jakare was instrumental in our trip, allowing us the means to kayak to some very unique and remote locations. Kayaking in Raja Ampat allowed us to see places few people visit, and the Jakare allowed the adventure to take on a luxury like feel.  Thanks so much to the Jakare Crew and the Expedition Engineering staff that made this trip an unforgettable experience!”

In Pictures

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  1. I was onboard the inaugural trip with Expedition Engineering on Jakare. I have had many trips with EE previously to different parts of the world. I have been to Raja Ampat in 2017 to the more northern islands. I can’t speak highly enough for the professionalism with the staff. The meals were out of this world. The comfort was A++. This has to be one of my favourite trips and no one should miss out of this trip. If you only can choose one, consider this very highly.

  2. Fantastic boat, even more fantastic crew and unbelievable scenery both above and below the water.
    We comitted to do this trip after completing the exploratory trip with Expedition Engineering in Mynmar last year. This is our fourth trip with Expedition Engineering.
    They provide the opportunity for us to paddle in some of the most exquist places on the planet whilst having the safety and comfort of a mothership. We have more trips planned with Expedition Engineering this year.
    We cannot recommend them highly enough. By far the best kayak expedition company operating today.
    Raja Ampat and Jakare are a perfect combination for a perfect safe paddling holiday in paradise.

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