Getting Healthier On Jakare Liveaboard

The Jakare Liveaboard cruises in the best Indonesian destination like Komodo or Raja Ampat. Whether you book one cabin or charter the full boat, you will enjoy diving and the nature in full comfort and security and you will share with your friends or family the quality food proposed on board. Our main table in teak wood can accommodate up to 12 guests in full conviviality and has 360 degrees open view on the live surrounding!

Sharing a meal, sharing stories on board Jakare Liveaboard

Sharing a meal, sharing stories on board Jakare Liveaboard

We are proud to announce that recently our CHEF Burhan has been trained at Vedic Kitchen, a unique restaurant located in Kerobokan, Bali. Part of the NATARAJA BALI YOGA SHALA, this cosy restaurant, managed by Yuli Tan and Bilal Chamsine, proposes vegetarian (Indian and Lebanese) food with full respects of the ingredients used.

Vedic Kitchen in Umalas, Bali

Ayurveda is science of life. Its approach to health is through food; tune the food per individual body constitutional need, good health will be achieved and maintained. An ayurvedic diet makes generous use of a full spectrum of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes and milk. It plays with herbs and spices the way a painter would with the colors and her/his pallets. Food and digestion are very important to Ayurveda. Foods which are fresh, light, easy to digest and tasty are very essential to daily life.

By developing our Chef knowledge about Vegetarian Food, we bring to Jakare through vegetarian cooking based on Ayurvedic principles. We have added to our menu Naan and Pita, Moong Dal, Kachumber, Falafel and Lassi!

Our chef Buhran in training

Tasty Hummus!

We have always considered food on board as greatly important and believe in continuous improvement. We believe that menus shall please the broad tastes of our Guest and shall be healthy. The menus are adapted and optimised for each cruise based on the wishes of our Client. Our Team buys all the fresh vegetables, fruits, fishes with special attention at the local markets one day before the arrival of the guests. We don’t serve ready-made or canned food!

Chef Burhan in action

Our Chef combines the local and international cuisine (mainly French, Italien and SE Asian inspiration) and our menus are diverse and healthy. We try to bring new culinary experiences to our guests to ensure that they go home full of tasty memories!

Vedic Kitchen, Jl. Duduk Indah No 606 Umalas, Kerobokan Kelod, Tel +62 822 3000 5050

Photo Credit Jakare-liveaboard, vedic kitchen and @oceangirl_photography

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